If you have ever used WiFi at railway station or at Airport, then you might have wondered how a single WiFi network is able to span the whole area while the WiFi signal of the router at your home fades away after a few meters. Well ! they use access points to provide the WiFi coverage at all the places. And this story is about using your WiFi router as an access point.

So, if you have a spare WiFi router and want it to use just as an access point for extending your primary WiFi router’s range, then go…

If you are making an application which requires to connect to some device on the internet over TCP connection , while you are behind a NAT ( or your application is running on localhost ), and exchange TCP raw packets between the devices, then you have landed at right place ……..

While there are quite a lot of methods available for packet forwarding for http, the resources and options for forwarding of raw packets are quite limited. So, lets explore one of the method I found working for me here.

What will we be doing here ? An Overview……..


Vasu sharma

Wonder-er ! Wander-er ! Coder !

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